Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's the hurry?

At least once every day this week, I have heard someone express serious concerns about children walking longer distances and more dangerous routes to bus stops. Parents have explained that children need to cross streets in neighborhoods where there are no stop signs at the intersection, or that they need to cross streets where the average speed on the road is 40 mph (even though the speed limit is 25 mph!). Not only have I heard what these residents are saying, I have observed the speed at which some people travel on their neighborhood streets. Speeding is a problem everywhere, and Middletown Township is no exception. It is a problem on most every road in this Township, but with school starting next week, it is especially a problem within our neighborhoods.

How do we bring attention to this problem now, and encourage people to slow down, especially on residential streets? One child hurt by a speeding car is one too many so how can we fix this problem now? We’d love to hear your ideas – leave a comment here or drop me an email with your suggestions.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kudos to Nancy Blank

It was a pleasure last night to represent the full Board of Supervisors in honoring Nancy Blank with a proclamation for her 40 years of service to Middletown Township.

I presented Nancy with a pin for her 40 years of service on Wednesday, June 24 at an employee appreciation breakfast. I noted then that the Township is “exceedingly fortunate to have some of the most dedicated employees I have ever met.” Nancy stands out as a role model.

Her service started on April 24, 1969 in the records department of the Middletown Township Police Department as a student intern while attending Neshaminy High School. On October 1, 1984 she was promoted to the position of secretary to the Detective Division.

As the proclamation states, “throughout the years, Nancy has worked diligently to learn the criminal justice system and the Bucks County Court System … [and] with professionalism and confidentiality Nancy has insured criminal complaints and case files are complete and ready for prosecution.”

In addition to her duties with the Police Department, Nancy also serves our community by volunteering her free time to the Penndel-Middletown Emergency Squad.

With people like Nancy serving the community, we can be sure that Middletown Township will continue to earn its reputation as a desirable place to live.