Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting the Emergency Services Needs of the 21st Century

At last night’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, we passed a resolution establishing an ad hoc Study Commission for the Long Range Planning of Emergency Services in Middletown Township. As Board chair, I was tasked with designating who should serve on this commission.

As our solicitor, Mike Savona, pointed out last night, it is the legal obligation of a second class township to provide the emergency services required to keep its citizens safe. The fire companies, police department and emergency medical service are the tools through which a township meets this obligation.

By setting up this study commission, we are setting out to determine if these services are functioning properly, if there is a unified command structure to meet any catastrophe and whether any actions are needed to improve on the delivery of these services. 

The creation earlier this year of the position of public safety director was the first step in providing unified oversight of all three services. The study commission will help establish a strategic plan to determine what, if any, other measures are needed as we move forward to meet all emergency needs in the 21st Century.

If you, as a citizen, have any comments or concerns, let us know. The safety of our community demands that we get it right.

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